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This is an amazing place to work. I felt right at home when I started.
Kisha Mitchell
Parkview is a great place to work and the staff are amazing! Very good working environment and everyone is helpful.
Denise Green
I have worked in the building for the las 12yrs and I can really said Parkview is Home!!! I We are not just a Team. WE are Family!!!!
Lunabrillante 27
They been very good so far thank you guys
Erica Andre
This Facility is one of the best facilities I have ever been too. they invited our company to an event that they were having, the service was amazing and so was the cheesecake that their chef made. I told them I wanted to be admitted if this was what they were giving the residents. the facility is always clean, staff are extremely nice and professional and always wanting to help. if I needed to have my mother or grandmother admitted to a facility this would be the place, I would want her to be at. Thank you, Dylan, Ashanti and wolf for such an exceptional experience.
Adrian Rodriguez
I have been at Parkview since the end of September. No other facility I’ve been to is comparable. I want to recognize several areas of the facility, First I want to say thank you to Carol ,Dylan, Mr.Wolff , Barbie , Ashanti , Nancy,Dan and Mrs.Glenda for just being an ear to hear (lol) when I need them . Next I want thank Nurse Bettie,Mara &Justin for helping me adjust to the facility and as well as life. Kathryn & Tara have done a great job with Activities especially Music and Bingo which are my Favorites . The CNA’s overall for being there and giving there best foot forward . I attended Therapy for 6 weeks and I did well thanks to Rich ,Carl, Alex and Deborah. Thank you Mrs.Debra And Dennis from Dietary for working hard on my diet . Last but least to doctor Marques ,Doctor Simpson and NP Lou have done an outstanding job with my medical conditions with preparing me togo to an Assistant Living Facility. Thank You Parkview Family .
Shelia Dowless
I had the most beautiful experience at Parkview. All the nurses and therapists were amazing. I came here for rehab after a stroke because I saw the great reviews. Every one treated me like family. I would like to come back here as a volunteer just to see the girls here again and help with the activities.
Elisa Rivera
Parkview Rehab Center at Winter Park was the residence for my Parents for a few months , it was definitely a transition for them both , but I have to commend the excellent care they both received , my Father passed in November of 2021 and my Mother just passed recently. Carol and Wolffe were very easy to deal with and always very pleasant . The front office people , Nurse Jade on the 2 nd floor was phenomenal, as well as Addie , Jessie and Tara the Activities Director. The Housekeeping staff member who always had a smile on her face was exceptional Santina and they all took the time to talk to Mom on a daily basis , they all truly care, they all should be commended. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the Love and exceptional care , and friendships❤️ Joy
Joy Gomulka
Feel Parkview is a responsible facility. Have a family friend there receiving good care for years, and my father there for a brief period. Nurses Bettie, Alba, Irlande among others real, genuine people who are thoughtful about patients' health. Shaded Ward Park across the street is calming. I hope the seating areas on the large front balcony can return post-covid concerns as the view is cheerful.
From the first day I started working here, I have felt nothing but welcomed. This truly is a special place. The entire staff is dedicated to caring for the residents and work together as a team to ensure that they are all well taken care of. This team feels like family and I am so grateful for the opportunity to work here. If my loved ones were in need of skilled nursing or long term care, I would strongly consider sending them here.
Carl Hawkins
What impressed me most was the commitment of the therapists - the physical, occupational and speech therapists. I went to Parkview to get stronger, and even when I got discouraged, they encouraged me and continued to work with me. They taught me how to transfer from bed to wheelchair and back when I couldn't stand. I couldn't swallow when I arrived at Parkview and had been able to eat only ice chips for four months. When I left, I could eat normal meals. All in all, I would say the therapists are the backbone of the facility.
Dottie Moore
I have been here for 8+ weeks, nursing a broken ankle and regaining enough strength to return to life in a wheelchair. PT and OT were very good. I had good to great experiences with all staff. The dietitian worked hard to accommodate my special needs. If you need help with any overall issues, talk to Carol, the social worker on staff. She’ll help you out. I will miss the staff, even though I’m delighted to be going home. They are kind and good people and very patient. Several of them got to be more like friends. I highly recommend them!
Beth Mitchum
Very clean facility. Friendly and caring staff. Highly recommended!!
Sophie Green
The staff at Parkview are very friendly and knowledgeable. Everyone is so inviting. Lots of smiling faces.
Angela Michi
Staff are very caring with the residents and family
Natalie Gonzalez
Great staff...
Great place, clean and staff very helpful with everything. I recommend this facility.
Adriana Rodriguez
I highly recommed Parkview Rehabilitation!!!! The Administrator is very personable, caring and compassionate
Jim Kenney
Barbara Galvin, Director of Nursing is amazing! Caring, loving, dedicated, and very much involved with her patients and staff members. The facility is managed and ran with compassion and devotion.
Carlos Camacho
I've been working in this facility for more than 15yrs & I love the staff. Since becoming Parkview, we have retained a lot of key members in each department which has allowed the building to continue its success. I would highly recommended Parkview to anyone seeking supreme rehab & nursing experience.
Rodrick Galvin 2
Exceptional care of residents, A new administrator with a great vision, and goals to make them a 5 star facility!
Corie Caso-Diaz
Positive experience for patients and their loved ones. The staff was wonderful, and very caring and considerate to various needs. Very clean and welcoming building.
Roy Beltz
Great business partners. They focuses on the patients and the pursuit of quality care. I'd recommend any healthcare agency to partner with them that want the best for their clients
Aspiration Therapy
Facility is under new management. Highly recommend going here for rehab services.
A Google User
Clean facility, pleasant helpful staff.
Chad Hurta
Facility is one that I would recommend to clients requiring skilled and long term care. Staff is knowledgeable with an exceptional customer service rating.
Bettie Jones
A family member of mine spent time there receiving rehab . The care and support they received was second to none . It was very important to their recovery . We would recommend this facility to anytime.
Joe Coleman
Thisbis such a great and welcoming facility. Took a tour with my friend and was impressed by the cleanliness of the facilty. The food looked great and the staff is extra friendly.
Lachula Dejavu
Great place. Caring administrator for sure.
JustDru 84
My experience at this facility was wonderful. I had a family member there and we were treated with the upmost respect. The facility was clean, staff was caring and compassionate. The food was excellent. Highly recommended.
Michelle Sheppard
Parkview has one collective team that meets and exceeds our residents needs. The teams puts the well-being of each residents at the forefront every step of the way. Parkview is HOME for the residents and the staff.
Kate Hutchinson
I found our experience to be very positive. The staff was attentive and caring. I would recommend this facility for families who are looking for a clean, safe environment to put their loved one in.
Tina Sheets
Very clean facility, staff always friendly and eager to help. Extremely knowledgeable rehab director goes out of his way to educate and make everyone welcome.
Deanna Statton
All the staff members are very compassionate and caring for the residents. The staff as well as the administrator wants to ensure family members that their loved one is treated with kind, caring, and compassionate staff.
Maria San Andres
Very clean and staff is very friendly and compassionate
Amanda Mendez
This is a great clean and friendly facility
Shay Mccree
I have been working in healthcare for over 20 years and I have to say that my experience so far has been great. I recently started working here and even though I didn’t expect it to be any different, I will say that it has been beyond great. Staff is friendly, caring, very compassionate and highly engaged with the residents and their families. Management staff is always striving to provide the best care possible without any delay. I highly recommend Parkview Rehab Center at Winter Park.
Norma Alvarez
I've really noticed a positive change over the last year with the new management. The facility is very clean and the staff is compassionate and caring.
Lily Acosta
This center is now under new management. The Administrator was my former boss. She gets things done timely and really enjoys working with people. She has a heart for seniors and would work diligently to ensure that your loved ones are given the care they need. The facility is exceptionally clean and the staff members are caring and work extremely hard to make sure that family members are happy with the service provided. Why not give this facility a try and soon you will be echoing the same sentiments.
Phyllis Williams
It is 5 star rehab I mistaken put 1 Star I vey much apologize for the mistake it is definitely 5 star
Sham Lalwani
Had a family member stay here for a month. The food was good, the staff were great, and the facility is very clean. The nursing, PT, OT, and SLP staff were really friendly. We would highly recommend this facility. -The Wilder family
David Wilder
Correct name is Parkview. Under new management. Please come for a tour and make your own judgement. My aunt is there and she is very happy.
Cheryl Thomas
7 years
Ernande Dortelus
Very friendly staff that are kind and considerate of my loved one. They are ready to accomodate any of our needs from care to supplies. I highly recommend Parkview Rehab.
Joni Gahagan
Parkview Rehabilitation Center is a place to heal. The staff in all departments give care and attention to your needs to help you recover to live a full life. I will remember the experience of my recovery with gratitude.
Michael Robinson
Parkview Rehab Center in Winter Park, FL is more than a nursing home and rehabilitation center. It is "HOME" to my sister and the other residents there. They receive more than excellent care; they receive kindness, caring and compassion. The quality of care couldn't be better and the level of excellence can't be topped. My husband and I spent two weeks there visiting my sister and we were amazed that the entire staff is kind and helpful. From the reception desk and Maria who does an outstanding job with a smile on her face and the other receptionists who do the same; to the nursing staff that uses kind and caring words while they do their jobs; to the people who keep the facility spotless and odor free; to the laundry staff who do a great job; to the cooking staff who prepare delicious, nutritious meals that the residents look forward to so much; to the maintenance staff who keep everything in great working order; to the Physical Therapy Department that gently and skillfully teaches the residents how to stand and walk or do whatever they are capable of doing; to others that we're not even aware of--Parkview stands out from all the rest. We appreciate you all!!
Judith Zimmer
Very clean and professional facility!
Anika Saxena
This facility is absolutely great with wonderful service. The staff is always very warm and inviting. The residents are always clean and taken well care of with a different change of clothes each day. This facility is also spotless clean and organized. I would recommend to anyone!
Alexandra Camacho
I have worked in the health care industry for more than 10 years and feel that this is a wonderful facility. After visiting many other facilities I find that Parkview Rehab Center at Winter Park offers much more than just skilled nursing or long term care services. This facility is very clean and has no foul smelling odors. The staff are quite welcoming and sport smiles on their faces. Residents are taken care of in a compassionate and kind manner and treated with the utmost respect and dignity. Administration, management, and staff all believe in providing patient centered care and assisting the patient in their road to recovery and in making the resident's short or long term care as pleasant as possible. Nursing and Rehab team work very well together and most have worked together for many years. Dining and activities are very accomadating and have several options for any individual needs or wants. I would definitely recommend this facility
Barbara Galvin
This facility has a very close nit set of employees that know and work with one another very well. As a currently employee, my first work experience in this building can be traced back to when i was a student were i was immediately draw to the team atmosphere. That same premise continues today.
I have been working in the healthcare profession for 16 years and have visited many facilities. After a recent visit to Parkview Rehabilitation Center at Winter Park, I can tell you that this facility is very clean and has a very professional and courteous staff. As a healthcare professional, I rate this center FIVE STAR for rehabilitation needs as well as employment opportunities.
Monica Greenlaw
I recently visited this Center and was impressed with the professional and caring staff. The building was very clean and it was easy to see the high quality of care and attention provided to the patients. If you are searching for a truly wonderful health care experience for your family member, I highly recommend Parkview Rehabilitation Center.
Tom O'Neill
After a bad accident I was here for 3 weeks to rehabilitate; at the time I was 28 years old. The staff were very friendly, food was awesome on Thursday and terrible any other day. Physical therapy was adequate. Computer room never used by anyone and good place to kill time. Lots of great food options nearby for Uber eats. Alot of steps inside and not recommended for anyone known to wonder. Free coffee up front and allowed to sit in a rocking chair or sit in a shady courtyard with tons of azaelas was relaxing.
Jose Torres
We recently placed my father in law in ManorCare, after having a very bad experience at a newer facility in the area. Of course this bldg. is an older building, but more importantly I find the staff has been outstanding in their delivery of compassionate, kind, and competent care. The RN's, the CNA's and the rehab team have my deepest thanks for how they are caring for our loved one. And BTW, the facility is very clean, and the food has been very good as well. As difficult as this has been for our family, the staff is a huge bright spot in our experience. I thank them sincerely.
David Quigley
Staff was very helpful and wonderful to the patients, which is very important. Facility was older and patient rooms need updating. Food was fair. As with most facilities, do your best to visit often and be helpful with things they might need like clothes and things from home to help make their stay comfortable.
Cindy Besn
Manor Care facility has giving me the opportunity to admit me as a Patient but with the time , they have become part of my family. I have been there about7 times so far and I will have to tell you that the staff is very caring , professionals, from the liaison at the hospital Ysabel to the Director of Nursing Martha , Claudette (nutritionist ), nursing staff, physical therapist (Rosi, Miriam, Dina) always work with me and the rest of the staff are awesome (shanna, Aimen, Ahymen , thank you for taking care of me. I really appreciate it. Thank you for everything you guys do. Jose Rosario Vargas (Patient) Translated by B. Ramirez
Bienvenida Ramirez
This place is very good and my mom mine in more then 2 times race my mom has been doing good
Mary Stone
I was recently a patient there and was very impressed. The care and attention to patients is exceptional. The nursing staff was very diligent with their level of care and insuring patient's treatments medications were perfect. The entire staff, both medical and administrative was delightfully friendly and always willing to help. Physical and Occupational Therapy was also excellent. They were very understanding to the various needs of each patient's condition and provided a level of care to help them recover adding a little extra push to keep you improving. The facility itself is lovely - well equipped and very comfortable. Would highly recommend.
Pam Moyers
Well located in a quiet area across the street from the beautiful Ward Park , The facilities are dated and show their wear, rooms could be larger, by far not a 5 star hotel. All the nurses and attendants are very well trained, extremely professionals and always caring. Most nurses and attendants speak at least two languages, and are always ready to help with a smile; this level of service is very hard to find even in the best nursing homes. Population is diverse, the ambience is very relaxed and welcoming, lots of friendly people, not too many rules. The food is well prepared, tailored to the needs and preferences of each resident, and always hot and on time. The friendly doctor visits every week and the cheerful activities coordinator is involved with all the residents and constantly organizing different events.